Tuesday 12th February 2019 – CHVRCHES w/ Let’s Eat Grandma at O2 Academy Bournemouth

It’s crazy that it took 6 years for me to see my favourite band of the 2010’s, and when the opportunity finally worked out, it was on my own doorstep.

I could write this whole post about why I love CHVRCHES so much, but I’m going to attempt to reign it in and focus on the gig as much as possible. So I’ll just say one thing. Have you ever heard a band and felt as if it’s a sound you’ve been unknowingly searching for through everything you’ve listened to until now? This three piece from Glasgow are that band for me. I think a more logical explanation is that they take lots of things that I like and created a combination that’s the perfect blend to my ears.

Ok, the gig.

A Tuesday night in February is a tough night to muster up the energy for, even when it’s an artist you’ve been waiting forever to see. The O2 Academy in Bournemouth is an absolutely stunning venue and I’m not sure that many rival it in terms of sound for me. That said, even the most rowdy of Less Than Jake shows in this venue (of which we’ve been treated to many), always leaves me feeling slightly constrained by how fancy this venue is. Like getting shitfaced then becoming painfully aware you’re at your Grandparents’ house.

The combination of early week in Winter and a grade II listed building has the potential to dampen any show, nobody is immune to that risk in my opinion. How did CHVRCHES fair? Pretty well. The majority of energy in the room was on stage and the front ten or so rows though. I was enjoying this show most when I was able to focus on the people in front of me losing their minds and shut out those behind me stood wondering whether they put enough time on their car par ticket.

I loved it from start to finish regardless and can’t wait to see them again in Edinburgh next month.

Speaking of Grandparents. I don’t think Sam and I got there in time for the support Let’s Eat Grandma, which I’m kicking myself for now because I’ve just recently started listening to them!

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