Monday 6th March 2017 – Sum 41 w/ Hollerado, O2 Guildhall, Southampton

This was my second time to date seeing Sum 41, the first was a decade earlier in 2007, that itself being a long while after they entered the UK charts at number 8 with their single Fat Lip in October 2001.

In the ten years that had passed since the show in 2007, the band had veered to a more metal inspired sound. This wasn’t an entirely new direction for the band, they’d always had moments that leaned that way (incl. the 2004 album Chuck), it’s just that nowadays the balance has shifted with a track like In Too Deep sounding more the wildcard in the set.

During this decade, Deryck Whibley suffered with alcoholism issues. In 2014 he was hospitalised with severe liver and kidney damage. I reference this because by the show in 2017, you’d have no idea that the poor guy was in such a bad way just three years earlier that he had to learn to walk again.

It was great to see Deryck back up on stage, looking totally re-energised and playing with the enthusiasm of a band on their first tour rather than one in their 18th year. Also returning for this tour was Dave Baksh (a.k.a Brownsound) who had left Sum 41 about a year before I first saw the band in 2006, which was a welcome return, particularly following the departure of another founding member Steve Jocz in 2013.

The production for this tour was fantastic and included a full 3D giant skeleton as the band’s backdrop with red glowing eyes, the sort of thing you might see at an Iron Maiden show. During the first part of the band’s encore Deryck was escorted through the crowd and appeared on a second stage in the the sound desk area. He passed where we were stood in the crowd and I can confirm, he is a very short bloke.

All in all, a good fun show and despite a lot of heavier material, I think it may be my favourite of the two times I’ve seen them.

No memories of the support for this one, I don’t even recognise the name I’m afraid.

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