Sunday 6th February 2011 – The Kerrang! Relentless Tour (Good Charlotte, Four Year Strong, Framing Hanley, The Wonder Years)

In 20 years I’ve seen plenty of corporate sponsors come and go. Around the turn of the last decade energy drinks had cosied up to live music. At Poole Percussion where our band practiced there was a fridge full of Rockstar. I tried one once and had a horrific comedown (I don’t drink tea or coffee, high levels of caffeine are alien to me). Then there was Monster, that tasted like bubble bath. but the biggest name in the UK at the time was Relentless. Ed drank it… non stop… 

Perhaps the long term effects of this was that he doesn’t remember this show at all. He swore blind to me a few years ago that he’d never seen Good Charlotte live.

For a band we liked who’d had huge mainstream success in the early 2000’s, it was strange that I, sorry we (Ed was definitely there), hadn’t seen them until now. Going into this gig I wondered if we’d left it too late and the band would be past their prime. If anything, I think this was the beginning of the band reinstating themselves, perhaps as a more credible act than the earlier years, or maybe it was that our generation that grew up with them had more cultural sway now. Either way, they put on a really good show, with back to back hits from a discography that had been somewhat overlooked.

As for the rest of the bands on the bill, I will now side with Ed and say I don’t remember much. I know we sat on the balcony and I do recall Four Year Strong, although I was never as big a fan as many friends were and only knew a few songs anyway. Framing Hanley, pass. I feel like I would’ve remember The Wonder Years, we played with them at The Joiners a couple of years earlier, but honestly, I was surprised to be reminded they opened this show. 

On a side note I was living out of my car at this time (out of, not in, to be clear), staying most nights at Sam’s house. One thing I do remember about this night is having Mr Kipling Angel Slices in the boot of my car that I broke into after the gig. Now Kipling is someone who should’ve sponsored a tour.

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