Monday 9th March 2009 – Polar Bear Club at The Joiners, Southampton

The other morning I woke up with an idea for a podcast. The title would be ‘I’ve Never Seen..’ or something along those lines. For each episode someone would talk about a major pop culture property that they’ve just totally managed to skip. My list is endless, Game Of Thrones, Lost, Breaking Bad.. you name it, I’ve probably not seen (or heard) it.

During the podcast they’d talk about what’s kept them from the film, show, etc, what was going on in their life when it debuted, if they have any reference points that would draw them to it (they like an actor that’s in it for example). The episode would finish with a quiz to test what small pieces of information about that thing, whatever the thing might be, the guest has managed to pick up without realising.

The reason I’m sharing this with you in a post about memories of seeing New York’s post hardcore five piece Polar Bear Club at The Joiners Arms on a Monday night in early March 2009 is.. I have never listened to an album by this band in my life. 

I came mightily close to owning one. I picked it up on vinyl in a London branch of HMV, but the sleeve began to fall apart and I gave up on it. You have to remember that this was pre-Spotify and post downloads being easily accessible without completely frazzling your computer.

So this gig is the most exposure to this band I’ve ever had. Thank God I didn’t buy a t-shirt because if someone were to be an arsehole and ask me to name five songs I’m not sure I could. I’d give it a bloody good go, but I think two of the five might be the same one. 

Why on earth did I go to see them then? Because in 2009 I was a single man, with very little commitments and was quite able to jump in a car with two friends (who did know and like the band), head to Southampton for the evening and not think much of it. Also. £6.60. What a time to be alive that was.

I’ve had a lot of conversation of late about the price of gig tickets having risen exponentially. Factor in this. £10 for the fact almost nobody buys a bands records. Another £10 for cost of living, particularly fuel. This gig today would probably cost £26.60.

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