Saturday 31st March 2007 – Fall Out Boy w/ Shiny Toy Guns and Cobra Starship at Bournemouth International Centre

In the space of three years Fall Out Boy went from an obscure band my girlfriend of the time was into, to packing out venues for an arena tour. Time moved much slower for me at this age and a year felt like a more significant amount of time to these days where three years really is a blink of an eye.

I’m not quite sure how they did it. Somewhere along the way I got too cool for school and rejected Fall Out Boy around the time of From Under The Cork Tree. By Infinity On High and this tour, I’d grown up thankfully and was able to appreciate a band who were taking a meteoric rise and at least doing something entertaining with it.

The pop punk foundations of the band were still present in both sound and show, but there was a glitzy showmanship layer on top of it all now, which did set them apart from their contemporaries and probably justified the step up to venues this size.

The new album hadn’t been out that long by the time of this show and looking back at the setlist, they only played 4 songs, but this was still more than they played from their debut Take This To Your Grave, which only a short time before this would’ve been the only material they had.

The main support was Shiny Toy Guns, who I enjoyed, mostly because they were a bit like US version of a band I was big into in 2007, The Sounds. Fortunately this story doesn’t leave me looking like the guy from the meme turning back to look at another woman, as I can report that rather than following up on any recorded material from Shiny Toy Guns after this show, I instead doubled down on my obsession with The Sounds.

The opener were Cobra Starship who, to throw back to my earlier comment about showmanship, were certainly pulling more in this direction that Fall Out Boy had taken. There’s also a connection to the previous paragraph in that The Sounds’ Maja Ivarsson sang on their breakthrough hit ‘Snakes On A Plane (Bring It)’. Alas, Maja was not there to join them onstage.

Being a Saturday night in Bournemouth during 2007 meant an inevitable trip the Sound Circus, the ‘alternative’ night club on Holdenhurst Road after the show, where we’d prat about most weekends like we were in a Fall Out Boy video.

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