Monday 5th February 2007 – Capdown w / Howards Alias and Desperate Cycle at The Consortium, Bournemouth

This post is dedicated to my friend Greg Hague. A man who has seen some of the biggest names of all time perform live. Phil Collins, Meatloaf (RIP), U2.. and yet I know, with some certainty, he would trade the lot for another Capdown show. Greg saw that ‘When We Were Young’ festival poster last month and his first thought was “no Capdown though”.

This gig was the first and only time I saw any bands play at The Consortium in Bournemouth. Let me tread carefully here because I know people have a fondness for the venue (now long gone), but I can honestly say I had some of the dullest evenings of my life at club nights in this place.

That was not the case for this show though, quite the opposite. Capdown were back with a new album and a renewed energy, both in the band and in the crowd. That had never gone away as such, but at this point it felt like the band were royalty, having cut their teeth at the ska-core genre years earlier, with two cult records under their belt.

When frontman Jake Sim-Fielding climbed up on the exposed piping on the basement ceiling and hung from it upside down and singing, I was pretty convinced this was the most fun anyone had ever had at The Consortium, or would ever have again. 

Howards Alias were the perfect main support for this tour, they’d just reformed the previous Autumn (Ed and I witnessed this epic moment at Unit 22 in Southampton as the clock struck midnight). If Capdown were the kings of this particular scene, Howards weren’t far behind them. I don’t remember as much about Desperate Cycle, apologies lads (I’m sure you’re reading), but it would’ve been a tough act to open for these two titans.

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