Tuesday 23rd January 2007 – Hellogoodbye w/ Plain White T’s and Houston Calls at Portsmouth Pyramids Centre

I have one stand out memory from this gig.

I went with a few friends including Ben and Chris, who had a band you may remember called Amy Can Flyy. Around this time they’d recorded an EP with my friend George, who was the drummer in our band, but also recorded all of our demos. I’d weighed in by designing the cover art.

They were determined to take the EP and meet Hellogoodbye at the show. Amy Can Flyy had a similar sound and perhaps there was a connection to be made. It was however, a freezing cold January night on the Portsmouth seafront and unlikely the band would be hanging around outside. I told them as much. 

It’s one of the many times I’ve been pessimistic in life and proven entirely wrong. We arrived at the venue and they ran off round the back. Some time later they returned, with autographs and photos with Forrest Kline, the frontman of Hellogoodbye. Fair play to them.

I don’t remember much else about the show. I was a very casual fan of the band to be honest and other than a few songs I really liked, I could take or leave the rest. 

I had been keen to see Houston Calls, but we missed most of their set (a reoccurring issue with getting to Portsmouth on a week night). We walked into the venue just in time to see them close with Bob and Bonnie, which to be fair, is their best song.

Worth noting also that Plain White T’s supported. At this time I knew them for their song from the Parker Pens ad Take Me Away (odd, I know). Later this same year they had a huge hit with Hey There Delilah, which reached number 2 in the UK singles chart.

Having dug out some old flyers for the show it appears to be one that was upgraded from Wedgewood Rooms. Great for the band, not so much for the sound.

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