Thursday 18th January 2007 – Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly w/ Walter Schreifels at University of Southampton Student Union

This show was my second time seeing Get Cape. I’d been introduced to his music about three months earlier when we bought last minute tickets outside the venue for his show at Bridport Arts Centre (why we were in Bridport on a chilly October night is probably a story for another time).

I wasn’t really into the whole UK indie scene that was blowing up at this time, my attention was more on US acts, with odd exception, such as Frank Turner. So I probably wouldn’t have ever given Get Cape a chance, had we not found ourselves in this unusual circumstance.

I enjoyed the Bridport show, but didn’t expect to walk a way a fully fledged fan. That happened a few days later when my curiosity got the better of me and I listened to a few tracks steaming on the Get Cape website.

Tickets for this show weren’t a last minute consideration, these were booked in advance with full hope of reliving the experience of discovery just shy of 100 days earlier (FYI, life definitely doesn’t work like that).

As such, my memories of the Bridport show are much stronger than this one, but I can remember Walter Schreifels of Quicksand, Rival Schools, etc.. opening. I think he was wearing a beret, or maybe he had a song about a beret? One of the two.

As it was a Thursday night in Southampton, we almost definitely went to Unit 22 after and probably stayed on the floor of Greg’s flat in student halls too.

I’m looking forward to seeing Get Cape, a.k.a Sam Duckworth back in Southampton this year for the Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager anniversary tour.

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