Wednesday 26th January 2005 – New Found Glory w/ Fastlane and The Fight at Southampton Guildhall

New Found Glory are another band I’ve seen countless times over the years. Most recently I saw them without even realising it as I bought some Churros at Slam Dunk Festival, before figuring out it was NFG on the stage behind me playing a cover of The Power Of Love (Huey, not Frankie).

But this show was the first time, and it had been a bit of a wait, having got into them a few years earlier when the self titled and Sticks and Stones albums found their way to us. This show came not long after the release of Catalyst, an album I can clearly remember buying the week it came out from HMV in Poole, even though that copy wasn’t for me (and perhaps that’s why). 

For this tour, James Dewees, from The Get Up Kids played with the band (full disclosure, I didn’t get into TGUK until 2010). James had also played keys on the track Failure’s Not Flattering from Catalyst. I dug out a set list from this show and was reminded that they started with this song. Definite strong opener.

The supports were Fastlane, who I frequently confuse with Failsafe and don’t remember much about other than one song that I think must have been on a compilation at some point, and The Fight, fronted by Kate Turley. OMG A GIRL?!

By January 2005 No Doubt had been and gone and Paramore hadn’t yet happened. Seeing women in rock music was rare. This was total bullshit, I don’t think there are any excuses for it and looking at this genre in particular, I don’t think things have improved much in 20 years. 

The Fight were a great band, live and on record. Their album Nothing New Since Rock ’N’ Roll was a solid debut (produced by Neal Avron who also produced Catalyst). They didn’t put out much after that, but they had a great run for a few years, flying the flag for Dudley at the US Warped Tour in the summer of 2005.

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